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The e-commerce.

Idea to increase compatability between projects


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Hi everybody,


I'm posting an idea that I posted on the phpBB forums yesterday. The same idea could & in my opinion, should be applied to osCommerce. Read below:


Just wanted to throw an idea out there, let anyone who wants to bite.


It seems like every open source software package out there seems to be written to be as difficult to integrate with other packages as it could possibly be. I'm talking about things like trying to integrate phpBB with OScommerce and some sort of php CMS software. The problem is all the tables in the databases are structured completely different from each other, even tables that store the same basic content. This doesnt have to be the case! I propose that instead of grouping all phpBB tables into a phpBB database, that the tables be grouped into databases corresponding to their functions, for example, a USERS database with its required tables inside it, a SESSIONS database, and my favorite for CMS & content sharing, a TEXT database that perhaps contained text that could be used sitewide in several different languages. I further propose that some sort of standards be set up for each of these databases, and that some 3rd party organization oversee the development and publsh the specifications of these standards, so that different projects can seamlessly support the most commonly used of these specifications.


How cool would that be? The admin would be able to install the two packages side by side and they would share user login information, sessions info automatically, etc. The user would be able to log into the phpBB section of the site and remain logged in to the site while adding things to their shopping cart in the OScommerce section.


What do you think? If you like my idea, let me know & spread the word. Let me know if you don't like it, and why. If you're particularly brave and decide to use my idea in your project, let me know at [email protected]. I'd love to hear about it.




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