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Need help with a manual order entry


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I only have 1 order that I need to enter because the customer did not return from PayPal so the order did not get entered. I have sinced fix this problem with PayPal, however, I still do not have the order in my database. I have seen some of the contirbutions out there. They may do what I want, but it seems like a lot to do just to be able to add one order. I know this may happen again, so I should consider one of the contributions just so I am ready.

1. Does anyone know what tables in the database to update so I can "add" an order to an existing customer? I know the table 'orders' is the main one, but I am not sure about the other tables that need to be modified as well. I want to maintain DB integrety.

2. If I do go with a contribution, what do you recommend? Did you have to work out any bugs from the contibution.


If any of the development team is reading this thread, a manual order entry module should be added to a future release.

Thanks for any help given.

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I use the contrib "manual order entry" It also allows to add customers via the admin side as well.


I didn't have any problems at all that I can remember. It makes it extremely easy to add an order for an existing customer.

9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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I also use the Manual Entry contrib by P&G. I'm in process of upgrading my MS1 site to MS2, and am looking at reinstalling this contrib and perhaps simplifying/updating it enough to post as an updated version, as it's a bit complex and I'm not sure if it's perfect with MS2. I use it all the time in my store for tracking payments, e-mailing tracking information, and fixing the paypal problem (I don't have IPN installed on the old store). When someone paypals but doesn't come back, I see their name/e-mail on Paypal, log in as them using this contrib, then select 'check/money order' as payment and manually complete their order without having to pester them. This isn't as good as not having the problem at all, but it is nice. The Additional admin comments boxes for orders really helps in tracking strange order events, as well.



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