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zones deal with shipping i believe - because it may cost more to send to a far end of your country than to the next town/city.


i believe you can just ignore them unless you feel the need to use them


i think there is also an explanation of every feature in the wiki documentation but im sorry - i cant remeber the address. im sure you could find it if you search through the oscommerce site.

always here to offer some useless advice....

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You can use zones for payment's and for tax


A payment can set to a specific zones or all zones:


In my case (The Netherlands) we accept paymant for COD within the Netherlands only, so it will not show up when a costumer has a shipping adres ohter then the Netherlands, because I choose in de admin that the only zone for COD is the zone Netherlands.


You can set up TAX rates for different countries.

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John, how did you get that to work? I have inputted all the zones relevant to SA (in the admin tool) but when I want to specify a zone it only shows me Florida - is there somewhere else I should have changed them?

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In the beginning I strangled also with it, maybe you delete everthing and start up from the beginning. Start with a 2 zones and a few country's in it and play around.


Sometimes I don's get it working as I aspect. But if it is working (somehow?) it's works and leave it that way.


Mail me, mayby I can look at it if you want..!!

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Example to make zones:


Make at least 2 tax zones (in your case)



One tax zone "United States"

Add at this zone your country "United States" to it and set on "all zones"


Secound tax zone "Rest of the world" and add all other countries to it, exept "United States" (It's all lot off work to add around all 224 countries to this zone, maybe I can make a export if you are familiar with myphpadmin?


In de admin you go to "TAX CLASSES" add there a tac class for exemple tax rate group 14% ot wathever tax rate you have in Florida?


Then in the admin go to "TAX RATES" and add 14% and bind in to zone "United States" (if this rate is the some for whole "United States"? I am not shure?) Prio 1


If neccessary you can add a secoundary tax rate, with also prio 1 and bind this to another country (rest of the world)


Now you can go to your payment modules and you can see that you have now two entry's to bind your payment to, "United States" and "Rest of the world"


Attention: If you want to bind your payment only to Florida, then it is a little bit different, but I'm not shure how you want it. But I hope that with this example you can work it out. Let me known if it works out..!!


P.s. do not forget to set your zones for your store correcty in admin under My Store, If that already was set, change it to another country en switch it back. This is because you have set op you zones fresh it could be that it will not work if you not have switched first..!!

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