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The e-commerce.

excel file , sql and 1500+ positions help please !


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Every day first thing in the morning I get an *.xls file & I'd like to automagicaly (after a little matemethical changes-prices ) insert that data into SQL base of osCommerce.

A little problem is that the *.xls file include over 1500 positions. The names of products dont change. Only prices do. How can I do It???

TIA (Thanx In Advance) :D

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There are numerous contributions in the contributions section that should do this. See the link (second from right) at top pf this page. Type 'excel' in the search box.


I used to do this sort of thing regularly in the old days. Your Excel file will probably need cells in the same order as your products database. Then it's a matter of delimiting each record and field with commas:- "product","description","price" so that mysql can read the data. One or more of the contributions on offer should do this for you automatically.

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