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The e-commerce.

Orders not committed to db


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Customers have placed orders. I get the auto order email notification (and so does the customer).


I then go to retrieve the order in the Admin section, but there's no order there, or customer details.


I've downloaded the database, and the orders are not there.


I've put through a test order, and same problem.


I've not made any changes to the site, and it was working before. I can still write to the db OK (add products via the admin).


It's really important I fix this quick as my job is on the line over this, as I persuaded them to switch from an ASP e-com site to PHP(Osc).


I'm really stuck. Can anyone help?





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Fixed it.


Here's how, in case anyone else gets a similar problem.


Without telling me, my web host had moved where it stores databases . They also altered the path in the catalog config file to the new location (without telling me).


I caught them out because the date of my local catalog config file was much older than the one on the server, and I'm the only other one with ftp access.


They had not changed the path in the admin config. It looked like it all worked, but were working from 2 db's and not 1. Plus I only pay for 1 db.


New orders were were being made (into new db location) and the admin couldn't see the new orders (as still linked to old db location, and a copy of old db was still there).


It was a simple case of getting the new db path off the catalog config file, and pasting it to the admin config file.


Phew that was close.


Those pesky web hosts!



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