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The e-commerce.

OSCommerce on Aircraft


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Hi all,


We're considering using OSCommerce to power certain types of on-board commerce on our airline client's fleet. The general idea is that a passenger would be able to buy certain things via their in-flight entertainment system, supplying a credit card for payment.


In-flight validation of credit cards might be spotty depending on whether the aircraft has a ground link available so we're looking for a solution that can help us determine whether the supplied number is at least valid.


In addition, we'll want to keep track of certain inventories and other tasks that would be more typical of a web site.


Finally, passengers will interact with the system using some combination of HTML and XML based user interfaces. Thus, I'm hoping that OSCommerce isn't too wedded to it's own html interfaces and can be treated as a collection of web services accessed via http.


Clearly I don't know very much about OSCommerce but would be pleased to receive some feedback on its suitability for this task. Will happily provide more detail as required.




Greg Brown

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Hi Greg


Sounds like an interesting use of osCommerce :)


All of this is possible.. but will require a little work.


We do check if the number is valid using the standard mod10 check.


At present the html is a little embedded but can be extracted fairly easily.

Mark Evans

osCommerce Monkey & Lead Guitarist for "Sparky + the Monkeys" (Album on sale in all good record shops)



Software is like sex: It's better when it's free. (Linus Torvalds)

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