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intermittent SSL issue


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I have a crazy problem that I can't track down for the life of me.


My cart is installed under /catalog


I have a html redirection at root sending mydomain.com requests to mydomain.com/catalog.


If someone types in www.mydomain.com, they will end up at the catalog homepage, but under https. If however, someone types www.mydomain.com/catalog they will go to the catalog homepage under http.


Here is the root index.html code:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0; URL=http://www.mydomain.com/catalog"> 


And here is the configure.php snip:

  define('HTTP_SERVER', 'http://www.mydomain.com'); // eg, http://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers
 define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://www.mydomain.com'); // eg, https://localhost - should not be empty for productive servers
 define('ENABLE_SSL', true); // secure webserver for checkout procedure?
 define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.mydomain.com');
 define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.mydomain.com');
 define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/catalog');
 define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '/catalog');
 define('DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/catalog/');
 define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/catalog/');


Do you have any suggestions on how to change things so that they will always enter the cart through http instead of https. I don't want to block any spiders from crawling through my product listings.


Would it help to move the cart from /catalog to root? If so, does this only require a change in the configure.php? Or are there SQL changes that need to be made? I use my domain registrar to force any mydomain.com requests to automatically go to mydomain.com/catalog (would that help or hinder?).


Thanks in advance for any insights.



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your code should just point them to the proper page, however it does not seem to be doing so.


you could move the store up one step, and then everone goes to your domain.com and there is the store.


another redirection is this:



header("Location: http://www.yourdomain.com/catalog/");




you can delete your index.html file, and place this in as index.php and it will redirect to the catalog . . .

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Post the url. These things can be tracked down, but it's a time waster without the url.

Local: Mac OS X 10.5.8 - Apache 2.2/php 5.3.0/MySQL 5.4.10 • Web Servers: Linux

Tools: BBEdit, Coda, Versions (Subversion), Sequel Pro (db management)

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The URL is http://www.thattouchofcountry.com


I'm playing with the idea of moving it up to the root, but I am concerned about breaking something.


I purchased a heavily modified cart from a consultant, and I don't know if they have hard links in any of their code which would break if it were moved.


I'm looking to "go live" in the next week or so, but I don't want to tell the search engines where I am if things aren't working correctly.


Any help would be appreciated.





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