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I run a site selling office furniture. There is a huge variety of furniture items available in up to 5 different wooden finishes.


I added the 5 different options for each product but there is a problem where the first option listed is automatically selected when the product is added to the cart. Basically I want my customers to positively select their required finish rather than getting the first finish listed by default. With furniture that is made to order and expensive shipping costs for these heavy products - mistakes are expensive.


So far I have got around this by setting up 6 options, the first of which is "Please Select". The problem is now I need to force the customer to select one of the other 5 options as I may now get orders for "Please Select" by default. This is better the customer getting a product they dont want but still involves going back to the customer to check what they want.


Has anybody hit this problem and solved it before?

Have I missed something in the configuration?

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Now I'm no PHP expert but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong ... also, please ignore my variables($) as I am just making them up. You would need something along these lines ...



$options_array = array(array('id' => '', 'text' => PULL_DOWN_DEFAULT));




    if (is_numeric($options) == false) {
     $error = true;

     $messageStack->add('product_info', ENTRY_OPTIONS_ERROR);



Well, something like that. In short, something to set the default selection to blank and something to require that something in that field is selected.

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