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The e-commerce.

changing 'create account to UK not USA'


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I would like the create account to read


Address line 1 ...... not 'Suburb'

and 'county' .... not 'state/provine'


which file do i edit to do this


also....is there an easy way of making DOB day/month/year.....rather than month/day/year



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that's where i looked....don't think it's in there




$Id: create_account.php,v 1.11 2003/07/05 13:58:31 hpdl Exp $


osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions



Copyright © 2003 osCommerce


Released under the GNU General Public License



define('NAVBAR_TITLE', 'Create an Account');


define('HEADING_TITLE', 'My Account Information');


define('TEXT_ORIGIN_LOGIN', '<font color="#FF0000"><small><b>NOTE:</b></font></small> If you already have an account with us, please login at the <a href="%s"><u>login page</u></a>.');


define('EMAIL_SUBJECT', 'Welcome to ' . STORE_NAME);

define('EMAIL_GREET_MR', 'Dear Mr. %s,' . "\n\n");

define('EMAIL_GREET_MS', 'Dear Ms. %s,' . "\n\n");

define('EMAIL_GREET_NONE', 'Dear %s' . "\n\n");

define('EMAIL_WELCOME', 'We welcome you to <b>' . STORE_NAME . '</b>.' . "\n\n");

define('EMAIL_TEXT', 'You can now take part in the <b>various services</b> we have to offer you. Some of these services include:' . "\n\n" . '<li><b>Permanent Cart</b> - Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out.' . "\n" . '<li><b>Address Book</b> - We can now deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves.' . "\n" . '<li><b>Order History</b> - View your history of purchases that you have made with us.' . "\n" . '<li><b>Products Reviews</b> - Share your opinions on products with our other customers.' . "\n\n");

define('EMAIL_CONTACT', 'For help with any of our online services, please email the store-owner: ' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '.' . "\n\n");

define('EMAIL_WARNING', '<b>Note:</b> This email address was given to us by one of our customers. If you did not signup to be a member, please send an email to ' . STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS . '.' . "\n");


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I made quite a lot of changes to my OSC code to un-Americanise it. It's a thorough pain to do though - there's no easy fix (it's not just a matter of setting a few values in the admin).


To change the text, you need to look in....








That's the easy bit.


If you get yourself set up with the "phpMyAdmin" MySQL administration tool (assuming that you ARE using MySQL), you might also want to alter the address formats to the following values. There are two fields per entry (I've shown them here seperated by '~'). These are contained in the 'address_format' table (the entry marked with a 'x' is probably ok and does not need changing) :


1 $firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$cr$statecomma$postcode$cr$country ~ $city / $country

x 2 $firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city, $state $postcode$cr$country ~ $city, $state / $country

3 $firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$cr$statecomma$postcode$cr$country ~ $state / $country

4 $firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$cr$postcode$cr$country ~ $postcode / $country

5 $firstname $lastname$cr$streets$cr$city$postcode$cr$country ~ $city / $country


This will not be the end of your woes though. To do a propper job, you also need to hack about with the pages that display addresses and swap round some of the fields (such as putting the post code AFTER the county instead of before the city).


Other things you may consider are...


* Getting rid of the dynamic country selection

* Changing 'gender' to 'title' (who the hell thought of 'gender' ??? - my customers are not hamsters !!!)

* Ideally, change the (now) 'title' field to a text field instead of a radio button selection

* Removing DOB (this is just downright bloody nosy in my opinion)

* Making telephone number non-compulsory (again, this is just nosy and none of my business)

* Swap round the input error detection code so that it prints errors about incorrect / missing fields in the same order as you have them displayed.


By the way, I think the example date of '05/21/1970' is hard coded into the page's code rather than being in the normal .../english.php file.


I also moved the email address into 'contact information'


Basically, it's a real pain to set the address structure up to something sensible, and there is no easy way round it - you have to change the code and it takes quite a bit of time to get it right.


There's also other stuff you should be done like printing your VAT number at the bottom of the invoices etc etc...


You might guess that I have already done all this ! I've been meaning to put it up as a mod, but lack of time and the problems with teasing these changes out from of all the other changes I have made have prevented me from doing it. Sorry.


Hope this gives you some pointers though.





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