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Changing Checkout Functionality


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My company rebuilds and sells used packaging equipment, and I would like to use osCommerce as an inquiry selection tool for our customers who browse our inventory, selecting items that they want to know more about. Our products are mostly large, expensive machines that won't be sold online, hence we would effectively be disabling the parts of osCommerce that process pricing, inventory, and payment; the very things that make it such an outstanding package.


However, the product catagorizing functionality of osCommerce would readily lend itself to our efforts if I could change two functions in the check-out scripts. These changes would allow osCommerce to notify us about product inquiries on one or more machines and/or small parts selected by browsing customers.


1. I would like customers to be able to select items as usual, adding them to a shopping cart that I would re-label "add item to inquiry". Quantities would be valid for some items, but nor for others, and I don't want to show any prices; inquiries are free...


2. I would like customers to "check out" ("send inquiry") using a modified script that collects customer data as usual, (name, company, address, email, phone, fax, URL, etc.), but skips the payment method screen, going directly to a confirmation screen ("thank you for your inquiry, our sales staff will contact you soon," etc,) and the store the "order" as usual so we may send out email/newsletters and so on.


It seems like these might be easy modifications to make if somebody could direct me to the correct scripts.


Thanks in advance.

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I need something like that too


rather than buy online my shop is going to be used for 'will call' in-person pickups


itd be nice if, once the customer creates the order online, i could get a notification page where i then check off each item as i pull it out of my stockroom and physically package it

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I also need this feature.... I'm creating a wholesaler site and although we DO want to show prices and have the customer assemble a shopping cart, we want to treat this as an "order request" to be followed up by a phone call.


We still need to show prices (in fact, I've implemented the multiple-price contribution so that logged-in users see wholesale prices while guests see MRSPs)


Has anyone found a simple way to bypass the payment part and simply send the shopping cart "invoice" as an email?



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