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Hi all,

I've looked all over and can't find the answer, but maybe it's obvious so here goes :blink: ...

I would like to have a number of pages on my site that are pure content pages (pages with no products or dollar amounts or add to shopping cart, etc). But I would like these pages to 1.) still use the same category structure as all the product pages and 2.) be easy to add new content pages and categories through the admin interface, similar to how we can add products. Maybe with this interface, you would cut and paste html, or upload html and graphics.


Any suggestions on how to do this, or maybe modules that will accomplish this?


Thanks in advanced!!

:) John

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Yay! Thanks Steve! It looks like this might be just the ticket. This way hopefully I'll be able to add lots of good content my customers will enjoy rather than only sell products (It's about time I give back for all the helpful webpages I've read out there!).

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