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I think the current methodology for the site 'catalog' should be revised so that the catalog is handled by 'catalog.php' in a similar manner to the behaviour of the current index.php. Where the default catalog page could be a list of all categories etc.


This would more easily accomodate other site content to become more manageable (in my opinion).

Further to this preference and possibly extendending upon Mattice's DefineMainPage it should be (is) possible to create a content section in the admin section with the same architecture as to the category/products, whereby PHP/HTML content can be created and previewed via the admin section and this content stored in the db, by following the category/products architecture it should then be be possible to automatically create 'boxes' in either the left or right hand column which would contain links to the pages associated to that box's page-content-category.


Depending how much mergence occurs between the admin and the catalog it should then be possible to preview all scripts via the admin, a remedial workaround could be to first test to see whether the script exists as a file, and if not it is then assumed to exist in the database.


This somewhat assumes that the core logic/output are isolated into 'blocks' much like what happens via the BTS solution.

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