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Currency Decimal Places


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I apologize if there is a thread on this already - but to be honest, the forum is so full of information (a good thing) it sometimes is hard to find what you are looking for.




I am using MS2.2 with several contributions (CCGV/SaleMaker - the money related ones) and I was wondering if I change the database so that the currency only supports two decimal places if this will cause any problems for anything else. We only use USD so we have no need to use 0.0000


I have added some product lists and I dont want it to show $59.0000 so I changed the settings so it is : decimal 15,2 and a default of 0.00.


Does anyone see where this might compromise the S&H modules, CCGV, sale maker, payment or sales tax modules?


Please any input would be appreciated.

osC Contributions I have published.


Note: Some I only provided minor changes, updates or additions!

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I believe this is only needed for currency updates - with a single currency you won't need this - you can change the decimal places to 2 in the database - should you ever need to, you can simply change it back! :P



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