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Problem using tep_href_link !!


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I'm using the STS system and have a static navigation menu. I want these links to maintain the session id without requiring the use of cookies.


The problem is that i can't seem to make the tep_href_link() function work for my page.


I've spent hours searching the forums and playing around with the code that i found in http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=37674


Could someone PLEASE tell me whats wrong with how i'm using the function:


<a href="<?php echo tep_href_link('http://dbexchange.net/skynet_store/index.php?cPath=1', '', 'NONSSL'); ?>"><img src="http://dbexchange.net/skynet_store/images/template/category-apple.png" width="152" height="31" border="0"></a>


For your info, the "Apple" button on the left is using this exact code.


You can see my project at http://dbexchange.net/skynet_store/



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I think you want to just specify the filename, not the whole http:// bit. Other than that it looks okay...but be aware that if you're using SSL, having a picture drawn from http:// will cause warnings about insecure items that tend to scare customers away. Best to use the tep_image() function for that image, it will call the image from http or https depending on what's needed.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


Please do not send me PM! I do not read or answer these often. Use the email button instead!


I do NOT support contributions other than my own. Emails asking for support on other people's contributions will be ignored. Ask in the forum or contact the contribution author directly.

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I've found out that i need to insert the static navigation in a php file and call it by using a tag in the STS template in place of the current menu position.


I've had a go at trying to take one of the existing boxes which i'm not going to use and placing them in the template. But i think those are not meant to display normal static text as i can't get anything but the dynamic content to show when i load the page in the browser.


Can someone please help me out here, i think i need to make a new php with a similar format to index.php in the languages/english folder and update any other files so that i can call it on my STS template and just paste the current navigation into it.



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