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Online ticket sales


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Hi All,


I need the cart to sell tickets for theatre company running caps for kids during summer period. Also for band promotion to various venues


The product would consist of -:


date & venue combinations + optional childcare (early and late dropoff)


The customer is required to printout 'tickets' themselves to be checked by people on the door.


Group members/ concession discounts support would be nice but might be better supported offline at reception (e.g. for proof of receipt of benefit) with refund of discount via cheque.


If anyone has any info on cart for this scenario, thanks in advance. I have made a full search on all forums, and checked online stores for a similar example (none) there are a few posts for Ticket sales' but none that provide proper coverage of this topic


Regards Paul


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Hi Again


I am documenting my findings so as to help others, anyone who wants to add in please feel free, this should ,ake adding to wiki docs easier. It would be good for number of cart types e.g. cart for ticket sales, cart for digital downloads, cart for whatever were established to signpost ideas, and egisting info


ticket sales


you can setup products in such a way as to include date and venue in product name. options in my case were given as extended & standard for child 'parking' facilitiesw before and post event.


I maded the products downloadable in admin, as this allowed me to bypass shipping. (note stock control still works & i stopped cart from selling as tickets were limited.


at download the customer gets a word doc inc graphics for ticket. I put a barcode in so it looks like a ticket so they 'feel; it is all secure and official

In word doc it says I will send invoice in 5 working days. This gives me chance to verify sale with merchant account and send invoice via email.


I am looking to add Customer ID /Productr ID/ Payment no to invoice for audit trail, and make forgery harder


customers will bring ticket (word doc) & invoice to venue for entry. bouncers will have copyt of all invoices


If anyone has better way of doing this e.g. producing downloadable on fly that would replace print invoice step this would be very much appreciated



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