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The e-commerce.

catalog database???


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Hi there folks....


new user here and I got to admit that I am really loving this program for a shopping cart, in fact, this program is used by another major record label: Domo records at: www.domo.com


anyways....I have been slowly learning how to configure the os ecommerce shop on my own by playing with it, looking at the .php scripts, and looking over the docs. I am going through startlogic.com web hosting which is using version 2.1 of your shopping cart, but for the life of me, I can't figure out where the actual catalog database is to remove the sample items like the Unreal tournment game, wheel of time, etc....I looked at the mysql_catalog.sql file but this is still the sample file and has not been touched since I have been adding new entries, etc through the web based portion of the administration, but the actual database file where these new entries are, I haven't a clue where it is located at. If someone here will tell me how to either find this file or how I can edit the database to remove the sample items I would greatly appreciate it very much....



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No need to bump after only 30 minutes on the board...


You'll find the database in your webhost's control panel, look for mysql database or phpmyadmin.

9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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