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The e-commerce.

Newbie problem with installation. Pls help


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:( Hi


There is a problem when Im installing osCommerce. I?ve filled in everything correct, but when I`m almost finished with the installation I get this warning:




The following error has occurred:



The configuration files do not exist, or permission levels are not set.


Please perform the following actions:

cd /home/virtual/site13/fst/var/www/html/catalog/includes/

touch configure.php

chmod 706 configure.php

cd /home/virtual/site13/fst/var/www/html/catalog/admin/includes/

touch configure.php

chmod 706 configure.php


If chmod 706 does not work, please try chmod 777




There is 2 things that I wonder about also. What does "setting permissions on" mean? Witch is the best FTP-program to use when uploading files to the server? Im using windows commander..


Would be more than greatful if you could help me with this problems


/ John Sundqvist - Sweden

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Hi, i have got the same problem as you. Last night i downloaded LeapFTP and you can change the permissions by right clicking however it still does not fix my problem.


Has anybody got any idea why i am still getting the error even though i have tried chmod 706 and 777?




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Are you installing on a windows or *nix server


Check that the permissions have actually changed to 777 as some hosts do not allow the user to change to this level, whereby you have to contact the host to change the permissions for you.


If this is not the case then you could try deleting the configure.php files and complete the install or manually configure the configure.php files.


I use ws_ftp pro and have never had an issue with it.


Others use cute, leech, leap, bulletproof, windows commander, smart etc

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