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The e-commerce.

Smile at my Noobishness please


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Hey all,


I'm just starting out, so please excuse the extream noobishness of the site. Once I find time to sit down and crank out some pics and code I'll have it looking better then the bucktoothed hick site it is now. B)


But what I am interested in is seeing what the members think about the overall page load time mostly. I'm not looking to make my site hi-tech looking or anything, so any images I might add/ replace wouldn't effect the load time too much. I do however have about 50 more products to be added after I make a few critical updates such as copy and cupon add-on. Most of my compeditiors sites take like 45+ sec to load on 56k, it takes me about 11 sec's to load at the top page.


Also, any recomendations on a better product atributes add-on that might work well + if anyone has addition feedback I'd like you to voice your thoughs.



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Dude, do something with the design, it's not your copyright so you#ll need to remove this:


?2004 SubCityDesigns.com


and replace with


?2004 osCommerce


I like the image in the middle of your front page.


The site loaded in about 1 second.

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once you modify the boxes/horizontal bars then itll look quite cool

it loaded in about 1 sec but we have dsl here so sorry no feedback from 56k here


id also suggest dropping the banner from the bottom unless you are gonna use it - thatll reduce the file size a little bit - every 1k helps!

always here to offer some useless advice....

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Its not his design though, its a stock oscmax or loaded6 or something like that, could even be SECv2_2MS2GV but I have seen it before on my travels testing loaded versions of osc.

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whats up with all the text on the front page, very annoying.


There is too much white space in the header, it looks like you have about 3 extra lines there.


It needs some color


The image in the center is good, maybe put it to the left or right and add some text around it.


there is too much scrolling on the main page. No one wants to get to the first page and have to read an essay. If you want to have all that stuff, put it in an about us page or something. Basically all it is is a faq, move it off the main page its taking up too much real estate.


I don't know if I am a fan of the half box around the product pictures. Maybe other people like them.


install the product listing contrib, it will put your product displays in columns so they dont take up so much room.


Theres a good start, dig in.



If I was crafty, this would be a funny signature.

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Hey everyone,


Thanks for the feedback, but with out this forum I would have ditched ocs, miva sucks in my personal opinion.....


1) I just updated the header of the site with, what will soon be, a closer look to the remainder of the site (greyish look). I still can't get that damn search grafic to drop down a few px, arg! Still working on it though...


2) Fixed the copyright until I can edit more of the site, sorry OSC. :(


Anyways, as you can tell, still alot more to go with so little time. :P



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