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Forbidden - cannot access the image folder files


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I was setting up an image in the Admin for a product and noticed I did not have permission.


Error: Catalog images directory is not writeable


I then went via FTP and changed some settings (chmod) on the catalog/Image folder. I then lost access to this folder. So I changed the settings back. Now my webpage no longer displays any images from that image directory. The settings for this folder are Owner - Read/Write/Execute, Group and Other are only Read.

The settings for all the files are the same as above.

I noticed I had an index.php in this folder so I removed it and no change.


If I display any images using the ftp tool they display. If I use the browser to display I do not have permission.


Perplexed and very new to this (2 days).

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Has anyone any clues where to start looking.

Could it be an admin permissions, php, web server?


It would be very nice to see bitmaps back on the web page.


My last resort would be to create a new dir structure, move the files then delete the old ones, then re-install the original app, then copy the files back over. This does not, however, tell me what has caused the problem.

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First problem solved. The Images are now showing on the front screen. I deleted the images folder and copied a new one across.

Second problem, which was my original problem. When I try to allocate an image against a product or category I get:-


Error: Destination not writeable.

Error: Catalog images directory is not writeable: /home/sites/aaaaaaa/bbbbb.com/web/catalog/images/


When in the Admin and assigning the image it shows the following:



I then type in a valid bitmap eg designs/12345.gif into:-

Category Image:


If I type in the bitmap url in a browser it displays ok.

What I don't understand is why it is trying to write to these directories.


If go into the mySQL database and manually change the entry it works.

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