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New Products Panel


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Hi all,


My question is simply a procedural one. What is the logic behind the new products panel at the bottom of index.php?


I mean ... I thought the idea would be that products added during the month would be listed and when time rolled on past the month, they wouldnt show up. But what happens if there are no new items? Is there any other infoboxes which I can put in here, like a most popular items list or something, when there are no new items? Is this what ti does by itself? And why does the demo site always show all products as new products?


Well .. thats enough questions for now. Any advice on these issues guys?



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I just had a quick look at the code but without understanding what several dozen different things do I can't be exactly sure if I'm 100% right : Roughly, new products lists products as they are entered into the database. If you enter three new products today, they should appear in the new products list and the the most dated of the nine item list would fall aside. It really has no real use for a site where products are seldom added to the inventory. Judging by the query statements in the code a lot more that what I've said goes on, but some other kind person may like to fill us both in there.


You can use the area for whatever you want, but you'll have to do a lot of juggling and some code writing. The template system STS available in the contributions section (see link at the top of this page) may help you a bit, but I'm not sure if it allows you to drag info boxes in there. It certainly allows you to remove the new products section and drop in other modules. You could also create some STS macros to allow you to insert other stuff of your own.


It can all be done, but OSC as it comes was never designed as a simple to modify cart. Live with that and you'll get on fine.

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