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Will google adsense get you crawled faster?


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Will google adsense (google ads in your site) get you crawled faster??


I put it on my site to see what happens.





I just installed it through the banner cpanel and within a few minutes it went from the "public service" to real listings. Only problem...


They go to competitor sites :lol: :( :angry: :blink: Does adsense go off you keywords? Is there a way to make it go to related but not neccesarily identical type sites??

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These are questions Google can answer and I'm sure they do in their FAQ. I doubt that it would improve your search engine ratings in any way either with Google or with others. the ad system was never created for that purpose. Search engine ratings are based on several things: URLname the same as the search term (That's why www.sex.com is worth Billions!!), meta tags, description in first paragraph, live links etc. Also money plays a good part, but not so much with Google.


The purpose of the ads is to help Google and make you a little money. The closer the ads are related to your product the better, especially if you want people to click them and earn you points. I agree that they will leave your site, but if you have what they want, they will return. You can't force people to stay on your site and the more you try the more they learn to hate you.

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There is a URL filter with that under your admin tools


Google combines advanced technology with editorial staff to ensure the highest quality standards in our ad program, but we recognize that you may not want certain ads, such as your competitors' ads, to show on your website. Ads that link to sites on your filter list won't appear on your web pages. You can update your list anytime, and changes will take effect within a few hours. Please note that filtering sites may decrease your potential earnings and/or the number of ads that can appear on your web pages.




9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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