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The e-commerce.

a question about trading/doing this shop


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ok if you live at home and are doing business/this shop from home, what do you give a return address as? (i am being cautious and dont wanna give out my home address) do you have any other ideas?


Also i may as well ask it, is my shop actually like a "real" shop and do i need to tell tax department (in UK) about this??

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1. Return address - There are various service companies that will give you a office 'front' at about GBP 100 /month. So anyhting less than that is OK.


2. You could tell the tax guys - but only if you are going to make a profit of over GBP 4,000 per year. Talk to one of the helplines and they may even tell you how to get some money back.


3. You may also get a grant if you are in the right area.

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Thanks but i dont think i will do this shopping business for long (unless i am successful ofcourse :) ) the reason i opened the shop is to get rid of all my books/videos etc...


GRant for what??


and aslong as i make less then 4000? per year i should be ok!



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I use a PO box for my mailing address. Since I also plaster my toll-free and regular phone numbers all over the site, my customers don't seem to have a problem with it.





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If all you're doing is selling second hand goods privately, I don't think you will get in any trouble with the taxman.


If you're trading in them (i.e. buying and selling), you would probably be expected to fill in a tax return.


By offering returns, you sound like a trader. You don't need to offer returns as a private seller (although you can if you want).


You can do this as a sole trader (i.e just for yourself, no seperate company involved).


emanresu may know more about this ?4,000 limit than I do - I know that the income tax threshold for most people is around ?4,500 - but if you already have a job, the extra income will all be taxable.


Business Link are the national business advice agency - www.businesslink.org - if you give them a call they should be able to help you. The Inland Revenue aren't that scary if you chat to them informally.


There are lots of grants out there if you do want to start a proper business- Business Link can help again - they don't suit everyone, and there are restrictions, but they're better than nothing.


Oh, and a UK PO Box will cost you ?52 a year if you collect it from the sorting office, an extra ?52 if you want the mail delivered to your home.

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Thanks the reason i said about returns is because if i sell something and people dont like it thats why. although i have in my returns policy stated "in no circumstances will returns be made" etc..



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