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The e-commerce.

SSL images - they are unsecure


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* I have modified oscommerce 2.2


* I have installed SLL on the site and modified each page so it redirects to https:// if the user goes to http://


* I have changed the links to all go to https:// not http://


* I have changed the header to include new images (company logo etc)


When a user goes to any page, they get a message saying


"This page contains both secure and unsecure items. Do you want to diaply the unsecure items?"


This is obviously very annoying on every page!


The problematic items are images which i have added to the header. These are linked directly not via the includes used in oscommerce. (eg - http://www.mywebsite.com/catalog/images/image1.gif)


How do I make these images secure and therefore avoid getting the message on every page!?


any help will be appreciated :)

always here to offer some useless advice....

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It would have saved you a lot of trouble to just use the osCommerce setup. By enabling SSL you would have made all links that needed to be secure point to https:// rather than http://.


To put a bandaid fix on your problem, simply change all of the images you have hard coded to https://whatever.com/image.gif and you'll be fine.


edit - by using the osCommerce image functions, this would have been done automatically when you enabled SSL through your configure.php.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


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ye i have enabled it through oscommerce

but that only does the checkout securely

my client wanted it all the way through so passwords etc are secure also


i was being a bit stupid

its obvious that the images need to have https:// at the start


all is fixed now :)


thanks for your help

and my code for redirect is just an include so its easy to use

same for changing all links to https:// - i just changed the http:// link set in oscommerce to https:// :)

always here to offer some useless advice....

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