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The e-commerce.

Newbie question - use existing database?


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My service provider already has given me one default database, and I can't create another database (not allowed).

Is it possible to use osCommerce anyway, i.e. can I use the existing (empty) database named 'whatever', and create the osCommerce tables in this db?

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you need to yoze the "whatever".sql they ask and do a local backup (if you meen you are doin a local editing site) grab the backup then restore it to the server side one :D

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Sorry, I don't understand much of your reply.

First, what is 'yoze'? (Not in my vocabulary :huh: )

The existing database is called xxx (whatever). It is a fixed name, I am not allowed to change it, the service provider sets the rules...

It's completely empty, so I don't see any need to take a backup of it.

I meant this to be the server (public) database (if possible).


My intention was to try out OSCommerce in this environment, in a small scale, but still accessible publicly.


My question was: can I use this existing, empty xxx db for OSCommerce purposes?


(Either if the setup/install can handle an existing db, or by me creating the necessary tables by hand.)

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I guess my question is also if the db could be named 'whatever'. After reading in the docs I understand this is a parameter, and oscommerce is just a proposed db name.

(Part of my problem was finding the way to the documentation...) ;)

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