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The e-commerce.

Forgive my total newbie question. im brand new


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Hi. this is my situation ok


I am creating a site for dropshipping 29 products.. basically people will find my site via payper click. then decide what they want... then choose between paying using paypal or 2checkout.


later in the future i will ad more products for now 29 will be limit.


Ok i have downloaded oscommerce my host has cpanel.


I am told its good to get a template...and there free on google... i cant find any! lol


question how do i start, where do i get templates and how do they intergrate with the oscommerce and how to do i install oscommerce, As i cannot find any walkthrough guide in the zip...


please help a newbie.. :(

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well i had help from my server installing osCommerce to begin with but after its installed you go to yoursite.com/osCommerce/catalog to view the default sho[pping cart then you go to

yoursite.com/osCommerce/catalog/admin to begin to make some changes .it takes time and is tricky

one thing i say is be sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and ftp the whole catalog folder to your desk top and dont touch those files other then to copy them to replace them in osCommerec if u make a boo boo so u will have two sets of catalog on desk top or where ever one to keep as orginal one to make changes in and ftp over to the correct folder. myself i dont have good results working tru admin/files id rather ftp the new php doc over hope this helps

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