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Zone based shipping weights issue


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I have a product that I have a listed weight for and it is 50 grams


when I go to the check out it says the weight is


Zone Rates

Shipping to IE : 27.5 grams ?8.60


Here is the config for the IE rates


Zone 1 Countries



Zone 1 Shipping Table



Zone 1 Handling Fee




I cannot see where 50 grams gets converted to 27.5 at the checkout, this baffles me. Is it a known bug?






free is often better than cheap

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A couple of things:


1. You probably have tare weight specified as 3 (the default) in your admin-> store configuration -> Shipping & Packaging section. That would make your order total 53 grams.


2. Is your maximum package weight, by any chance, set to 50 or less? If so, the 3 extra grams are pushing it over your maximum of 50 (or less), in which case the code automatically splits the package weight between however many boxes are necessary to stay under your max weight. In this case, it would require two boxes, each at 27.5 grams, with shipping on each calculated at 4.30 for a total of 8.60.


I just figured this out the other day -- hope it helps you!



Terry Kluytmans


Contribs Installed: Purchase Without Account (PWA); Big Images, Product Availability, Description in Product Listing, Graphical Infobox, Header Tags Controller, Login Box, Option Type Feature, plus many layout changes & other mods of my own, like:


Add order total to checkout_shipment

Add order total to checkout_payment

Add radio buttons at checkout_shipping (for backorder options, etc.)

Duplicate Table Rate Shipping Module

Better Product Review Flow


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Thank you so much Terry,


I am glad to let you know, your clear and accurate instructions have solved the problem instantly for me.


Thank you for your time.




free is often better than cheap

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