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Rewards Point System


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Hello Guys,


I currently have a live shop and was thinking of adding a sort of point system so that people earn points like airmails or visa points that they can order stuff using the points from a bonus catalog.


Question is can I do it?


I was thinking about adding a database field in product description with a value of how many points it worth, then somehow having the points added to the customers account automatically when they checkout.


Is this Possible? If so can anyone give me some sort of idea how to do this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Please help so I can finish this already!!

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I know that the OSC french community should have the answer very soon...

This kind of system is already developped for a living site (only in french) : http://www.webistro.com/


It allows customers to earn points when ordering or recruting new customers and then use this points to order products.

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So any ideas?

Would this contribution do what you are looking for?



That one is more of an affiliates type. I think they are wanting: Customer spends $10.00 and earns 1 point; X product = X points. After you've built up enough points you can purchase certain (or all) products with your points.

Contributions I used : Updated 06-13-04 23:42


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Cant wait for thisd contribution. Their is a site here in the UK that has something similar, but not for oscommerce. Works really well.


You can also earn extra points by purchasing particular items.

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