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Quickbooks & OSC


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I currently have OSC 2.2 and I'm looking to redo my site in the next couple months. I need something to manage my money and things and I've kind of been using Quickbooks. My problem is, I can't tie the Purchase Orders in QB to the stock in my store, so I have to enter it twice (once in QB, then manually add the items in the store to correctly reflect stock levels). Same thing with the orders. All the orders are created in the store, so how would they get to QB to accurately guage them? Enter them all into the QB ? Then what about marking them as shipped? Right now the only thing I'm using QB for is for credit card processing.


I'm looking for possible contributions that tie QB to OSC. I'd like to hear from people using QB to manage their money to know how they manage. What are other people using to manage their business finances and handle the purchase order/customer order integration?

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I've been using QuickBooks since I started my business. I have to keep track of sales from many different venues - website, mail order, phone order, local sales - so I don't want to track it all in osC. There is a contribution for it that I've been trying to use, but I'm having issues with it. I've put that on the back burner until I get some more pressing problems fixed. Search for "quickbooks" in the contributions, I'm sure you'll find it.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


Please do not send me PM! I do not read or answer these often. Use the email button instead!


I do NOT support contributions other than my own. Emails asking for support on other people's contributions will be ignored. Ask in the forum or contact the contribution author directly.

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Yeah, I saw those.


Creates Quickbooks IIF files that allow you to import your customers and sales directly into Quickbooks without having to retype them.


I can get sales, but no stock....

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How do you enter the sales into QB? Do you enter each individual order? Or do you just enter it in lump sums? Same with payments? What about inventory? How do you track you inventory, in QB, in OSC, in both?

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I'm just getting started with OSC but I've been using quickbooks for several years. I have over 2000 products so I'm not interested in dual data entry. I've created a new field in quickbooks to enter my OSC product number and I'm developing a MS Access database that links QB data by product number with my OSC tables. As I said, I'm just getting started but I've successfully uploaded 200 products so far. I have some data clean up to do and then I'll load the remaining products.


I plan to use Access in the future to compare the products in OSC and QB and use update queries to load the changes in quantities and prices. I've already got the stuff written for the upload.


I'm not sure what to do about orders. Customers are sloppy typers and it reflects poorly on the business to use their data as they enter it. I may try cleaning the data up and importing it but products first.


So far, so good!



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