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persistant connection - what setting in configure


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Well, in the Wiki it says that

Persistent connections should be disabled for shared servers.

And I don't think that this refers to shared SSL, but to a shared server!!


and on MySQL Site it says that

Are there any drawbacks of persistent connections?

Unfortunately there are. At first each connections takes up resources. This includes MySQL internal resources (memory, table cache elements, connections) as well as OS level resources - threads, open files and sockets. [...]


Persistent connections can also lead you to the trouble if you're not using them carefully enough. Some issues described here are handled automatically by good persistent connection support, while others are not. [...]


Due to the nature of persistent connections, biggest benefit by using them can be achieved over slow network connections and with a few quick queries per connection. If you have complex queries, which take long time to execute or more than 3-5 queries per connection, persistent connections will give you almost no benefit.


Conclusion: Instead of blindly enabling persistent connections in MySQL you may wish to benchmark your application to see if persistent connections really give you the performance benefit, and if it is large enough to justify for the limitations introduced by them.






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if u r using a non shared ssl and dont midning first half of ur both config files so i know where i did wrong? make sure if u take out ur db info


Would it be possible for you to write this stuff in 'normal' english, so that everybody (me included!) understands it and replies accordingly? :rolleyes:




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