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UK - Credit card merchant or CC machine


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Hi all..


Just setting up a shop.. i was wondering if its better to take CC numbers via the catalog, and enter them into a machine rented from the bank... or use something like paypal/worldpay?


At the moment i'm all geared up to rent a machine from the bank, and type the numbers in as i get them.. rate is something like 2.7% per transaction for credit cards, i think its less for debit cards. Got SSL and all that stuff plus the UK credit cards contrib installed.


What are the advantages/disadvantages of using a merchant against using your own machine?




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The problem comes if you are ever honest enough to tell your bank you are taking cc orders online! That's why folk use a thrid-party processor - plus the automation of it. Paypal and worldpay are very different fish too...

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honest enough to tell the bank? you mean i should or shouldn't?


Basically im doing this for a friends business, and i told him to ring the bank and ask about taking credit cards, and he has been redirected to streamline? I believe streamline install credit machines in retail outlets.


So why is it better if you dont tell the bank? Will using streamline cause any pobs with the bank etc?


The only reason i chose to point him in the direction of having his own machine was for percentage reasons.. having your own seems much cheaper than using a thirdy party.

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It's a security issue as far as I can see. You won't have a signature to verify that the customer in fact wanted the transaction and his card wasn't stolen or someone using his number fraudently. Also someone could buy goods through your store, you put it through manually, then this person could dispute the transaction with their bank, voila the bank refunds his money and you don't have a leg to stand on because you can't produce a signed slip.

Rather pay the extra percentage.

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