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Colour shemes


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Hi, i understand how i can change the background colour scheme of all the boxes in the template using stylesheet, however i just wish to change the background colour and the typrface in the categories box. i would be very grateful if someone could advise. thanks.

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All the infoboxes use the same style. You can create your own style for just one infobox, but it takes a bit of work and some changes.


Basically you need to cut-and-paste the infoBox, infoBoxHeading, infoBoxContents classes in the stylesheet and rename the pasted ones with your own name. Then make your color/font changes to the new ones.


Then you need to cut-and-paste the infoBox and infoBoxHeading class in catalog/includes/classes/boxes.php file. Again rename the pasted copy and then rename the infoBox, infoBoxContents, and infoBoxHeading functions in your new classes to your own name.


Then change the stylesheet class reference in those functions to be the classes you renamed in the stylesheet.


Then change the infobox constructor call in your particular infobox. For example in catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php you would rename the call to 'new infoBoxHeading' and 'new infoBox' to be your new class names you created in boxes.php.

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