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HTML in item description?


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I'm trying to see if theres a way for a person to use HTML in the item description? If not, what is the code in PHP to add spaces between lines ( all of my text in description runs together )



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9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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From your question it seemed like you knew HTML, that's why you received a quick reply.


This <br> code is the code that inserts a new line in html. You place it wherever you want to break the line, inside your product description.



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You can easily prepare you product descrition in a WYSIWYG program like Dreamweaver of FrontPage and simply copy the code and paste it into the product description page in admin. Images can also be added, but be sure to use the PHP code (see some osc code pages for this) for images so as not to compromise any SSL urls. Be sure to select on the code you need. Do not copy the header and closing HTML tags for example.

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:lol: Why did someone think that I put that comment from above?


But i will make this comment .... Someone said that you can edit the descriptions in DreamWeaver and Frontpage ( I do have those programs ) .. but it seems to me that I can never get PHP files to really edit well in Dreamweaver .... Any suggestions on ways to easily edit everything ... I will admit that I am 100% NEW to PHP ... the only thing i can figure out is how to DELETE words ... i can't even figure out how to add words back though ... lol



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I use a text editor called ultra edit and a compare program called beyond compare.


I have also installed apache2triad on my windows2k box to use as a test bed.


I use frontpage only to paste veiw source and see what is happening with my html that is getting generated.


These things work for me. I have only basic html knowledge and even less php but after working pretty hard core with osc for the last 5-6 months I'm getting pretty fammiliar with the file structure and what does what.


All (most) of the text can be found in the /includes/language/ file.


I had problems with Dreamweaver and php. It seemed like dreamweaver wanted to help me out too much with stuff I didn't want.

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