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New image thumbnailer contribution


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In answer to the many posts I see here regarding people who have large images and are getting distorted thumbnails I have created a contribution to fix this issue. It takes whatever size you have set in admin for max width and creates a thumbnail with exact proportions for you on the fly. When you go to enlarge the image it will stay the same size or whatever size you set for maximum there. I have included all instructions for setting it up in the contribution. If you have any questions or problems please direct them to this thread.


NOTE: THIS ONLY WORKS FOR JPGs; however, it can be ported to work with GIF and PNG files as well. I have tested it with them all. I will post an update soon that will work for all files, but I wanted to get this up since I am seeing so many posts regarding this issue.

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Hi vasttech, thank you for your important contribution.

Would it be possible to revise it so it will use the max height value instead of the max width?


Thanks again! :D

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Doesn't this just change the image physical size? It really doesn't resize the image. The client must still download all the KB of a full size image.


To truly resize to smaller KB ImageMagick must be used as in this contribution:




Right or wrong?

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Yes, it is better. The client does not have to download the full image size. The server does the work for you. I have used ImageMagick with my auction and it is great. We need it for OSC!


There is a contribution that uses ImageMagick but the install directions are so poor I can't get it to work.

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