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Dear Sirs/Madams,

Please help with this error:



1146 - Table 'mydomainname_net.TABLE_AFFILIATE_SALES' doesn't exist


select count(*) as count, sum(affiliate_value) as total, sum(affiliate_payment) as payment from TABLE_AFFILIATE_SALES







The table DOES exist in my SQL database [via myphpadmin] and I have deleted [dropped] it 5 times now and re-installed via the affiliate.sql.


I have completed the updates/ install and SQL install as outline in the:

<$Id: INSTALL_ENG.txt,v 2.00 2003/10/12> provided with the said OS script.


Any help would be most appreciated as I would like to go live with this ASAP.

I see there are many users using this so it can't be too difficult and I'm probably just missing something simple; but I'm a novice at the mo, but learning fast!



Paul B, UK.

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You skipped an installation step somewhere probably in database_tables.php. Your database obviously doesn't have a table named "TABLE_AFFILIATE_SALES". What you have is probably "affiliate_sales". There should be a step in the installation along the lines of define (TABLE_AFFILIATE_SALES, 'affiliates_sales'); that you missed. Double check your installation.

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Thanks for that. I thought as much, when I studied the script and followed it through, but didn't want to hack until I received some feedback. Yes, I shall now look at it again.

Thanks for your time, much appreciated.





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