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Setting SMTP


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Since provider that's hosting my pages doesn't support mail() function I'm trying to configure so mail function would work through smtp. I disabled Send Extra Mail to functions as well...




I've uploaded class.smtp.php to \catalog\included\classes

and edited email.php so now it's:



if (EMAIL_TRANSPORT == 'smtp') {

// begin smtp authentication


include(DIR_WS_INCLUDES . '/classes/class.smtp.php');

$smtp=new smtp();

$smtp->host_name = "localhost";

$smtp->localhost = "host.sk";


$smtp->SendMessage( $from, array( $to ), array( "From: $from", "To: $to", "Subject: $subject" ), $text );


} else {

return mail($to, $subject, $this->output, 'From: '.$from.$this->lf.implode($this->lf, $this->headers).$this->lf.implode($this->lf, $xtra_headers));






I can recieve e-mail, customers can too but all mails don't have any text inside of it (empty). To, From and Subject fields are OK?


Any ideas what's set wrong?

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