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how to remove the small corner left image from box


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If you look at the box files (catalog/includes/boxes) you will see a function call that looks like this:


new infoBoxHeading($info_box_contents, true, false);


The true,false part is what determines the corner graphics of the boxes.


But you have to look at the catalog/includes/classes/functions/boxes.php to determine how the box you are working with is generated in the function.


If you search boxes.php for your graphic (corner_right_left.gif) you will see how that particular boxes is being generated then you can make your true,false settings accordingly.


You'll notice some of the boxes have no true,false in them. I assume this is because they have no corner pics.


You could trial and error the whole thing too. You may find it interesting just to play with the settings to see the resulant possibilities.


If you are placing graphics in the headers of the boxes you may want to consider placing the graphic as a background image via css.


With this type placement you still have the possibility to place text easily over the top of the graphic without using some fancy GD code of sort to generate your text in the graphic. I think this may increase page load time also.


If you do place the graphic directly in the cell of the header be sure to place an appropriately colored background in case the image fails to load. This will keep down the checkerboard look in the case of a graphic load failure and should also provide a nicer look while graphics load on dialup connections.


Take Care,


Tim Fortune

How do you know when you know what you want to do for the rest of your life?

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  • 4 weeks later...

thanks alot i try to remove the two pictures but every time there is an error in the page


i just want to replace the head by one image


so how can i edit the style sheet so that i put the image in the background and remove the corner and pixel trans images



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I tried the advice but when I change the true/false settings and fiddled with different things and somehow managed to get rid of most of the right hand images, but not all and none of the left hand ones:(


If I remove the image, the red x shows (obviously) and if I try and replace it with the background image I am using for the other tables, it throws all the tables out of wack. (the image is too big).


I just want to get rid of those corner images!





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