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Too many defines!

Chris Dunning

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I understand the point of having multiple language files available and using defines in each so that common files can call the right text depending on the language...but...


If I have a store that only uses on language, would it help my speed at all if I simply typed what I want to say straight into the functional php file? Would it hurt me somehow if I didn't?


Case in point - I'm working on my header.php file. I need to create a link to log off. I could type, for the text of the link, "HEADER_TITLE_LOGOUT". I could also type "Log out" and get the same results. The perfectionist in me wants all of my code to look the same, so I use the long form anyway.


This is not the case everywhere - some of the defines are a very short constant that represents a long text. The email texts are a great example.


filenames.php and database_tables.php are also a little overkill, I think. I suppose if I were running multiple stores from one database, they would be useful...I could specify multiple configuration tables, multiple customer bases, etc...but other than that, what would it gain me? I could use filenames.php perhaps to switch between themes...but it really seems that for most users, it's overkill. It's also extra keystrokes - why type " . TABLE_PRODUCTS_TO_CATEGORIES . " when I can just type "products_to_categories"?


So, I suppose the question really is: Would my site load any faster without all of these define statements? Would it be less of a load on php and my server? Or would the difference be so miniscule that it really wouldn't be a difference?

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


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Or would the difference be so miniscule that it really wouldn't be a difference?

You got it.


But why don't you rewrite everything and let us know the results anyway? ;)

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