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Shared SSL/browser-security related problem HELP!


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Hello All,

First of all: Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me with this.

I haved searched for an answer on the forums but couldn't find a post....


I have my store set up under a shared SSL cert.


I am using IE6/winXP (service pack2)


After logging into a customer account, I find certain links will not respond to clicking unless I add the 'https:' URL to my "Trusted Sites" Zone manually.


What exactly is the cause of this?

Is this just because my IE config is particularly wack or

will I have to create a support note to ALL customers that they will have to manually add the store to their 'Trusted Zone'? :huh:

That would be kind of a drag...


The links that DO NOT respond are:

- Any of my 'Category' Box text links

- Any product image or test links

- The main Header Banner link

- The 'Cart Contents' links, text or icon

- 'Information' box text links

- 'Quick Find' search box links


The links that DO respond are:

- 'My Account' links, text & icon

- 'Checkout' links, text & icon


Also it WILL allow me to log in and out. BUT even after logging out, the links are still dead unless the store is closed and re-opened in a new browser.

'Refresh' does not solve the problem....


Again thanks! and sorry for the long post!


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