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Product not found error


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I have a client that is having me interface OSC with his xbase inventory system. I have successfully brought in the data but we want to use a field from the xbase that is unique as the products_id. The problem is the field is alphanumeric. I changed the type for products_id to text in the products, products_description, and products_to_categories tables and was able to successfully sync up the two databases. The products show up in the category listings and when you click the category they show up in the product listing but if you click the product to get the product info i.e., product_info.php it says product not found.


I have gone through the files and made sure quotes were used in all the mysql queries and I removed the integer casting i.e., (int) but it still seems to not find the products. It does not give an error other than product not found.


What have I forgotten?


Thanks for your help,



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I am having this same problem after I manually added around 10,000 products manually. I added the correct info to products, products_descriptions and products_to_categories. They show up when browsing a category, but as soon as you click on the product, or add it to the cart, it says the product is not found. Please let me know if you figure this out...

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