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Catalog Description Modules?


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Hi all,


While trying to get my oscommerce catalog set up I realized that the basic setup wasn't working for me as far as catalog/products are concerned (or at least I don't think so!).


I sell yarn...for example, I have a yarn named athena which has x colors.


To me, it looks like I will have to repeat the basic information about the yarn for each color I stock.


What I would rather have is the ability to put the basic information in the category (name, fiber content, etc)...along with a picture of the yarn and then only include the name and a picture in the product section. This way I won't have to repeat the product details x times in each yarn.


Is there a module out there that would meet this need? I am not a tekkie, just a user and I have to confess the descriptions in the contributions do not make sense for someone with my level of knowledge.


Is there another way to solve this problem?


An example of the page I'm trying to simulate in some form is here..



My oscommerce 'new' website is here



Thanks in advance for your help!



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how many products are you going to have? if it is like the other site, for each item style, you have one description, then you have options on the model / type they want to choose, look at using products/options.

you dont want to drive people away with lack of info, it is better to have lots of info on your type of product instead of not enough. if you are going to do it, you should do it right, make it so people enjoy shopping and make it easy for them. for you it may not be so easy, however you are there to make money, not make easy on you and tough on your customers

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Thanks for your reply.


I have hundreds, maybe thousands of products, assuming you consider each color a product. I'll look into using product/options to see if that will work. I was concerned it wouldn't be able to handle inventory counts using that style.


I get lots of compliments by customers on my current website...how easy it is to navigate, good photos, etc. I am concerned that repeating the same information over and over will add a level of redundency that will drive customers away rather than be helpful to them. The additional work is immaterial (I'll learn to upload :D ). Simplicity, easy access and style are most important.



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Have you thought of making a color chart graphic. Much like DMS uses for their threads. Something like a bar code with the colors name typed across each color.


that way the popup image for the full size would give them the bar code.

I live in my own little world. But it's OK. They know me here.

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