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just wanted to let the beginners like me know that the Authorize.net payment module that comes with OSC 2.2 works.


At first I kept getting errors saying that the CC could not be processed please try again or some error like that.


What I did to resolve the problem is actually get an Authorize.Net account first. Then what you will need to do is obtain a transaction key, which you can get on the authorize.net website. Once you get that, on the settings, use your username that you use to login to authorize.net and the transaction that you just got.


Now make a purchase with your CC. You will get the screen telling you that everything went through. Remember, you will not see this transaction on your authorize.net account if it is in test mode, which it should be while doing all this.


Hope my comments help. I was going to try the authorizenet consolidated v1.7 contrib by Austin prior to getting it to work. Maybe I'll do it later. I think the difference is SIM versus AIM



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you are correct in that the principle difference is SIM vs. AIM, but Austin has done a lot of work enhancing and adding bells and whistles to it. Once you get it working (personally, I haven't), it looks like it's a large improvement, feature-set wise, over the stock authorize.net payment module.



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