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The e-commerce.

New Site critique appreciated


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I'm seeing an error


Parse error: parse error in /home/blacklig/www/www/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 42




What the hell was I thinkin'?

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Yes, same error here. Parse error: parse error in /home/blacklig/www/www/includes/boxes/categories.php on line 42


Also, the allignment is not good. Your site "pans". AKA your layout is too big for my screen ( 19" 1024*768)



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You better do something about your images size

I did a load test (i know it is not 100% accurate but it gives you an idea)

Loading test content results

Number of graphics/scripts: 56

Total graphics size: 251554 bytes

Total HTML size: 31932 bytes

Total page size: 283486 bytes

Load time by modem speed

Modem speed: Download time:

14.4k  171.39 seconds

28.8k 92.61 seconds

56k 53.98 seconds

ISDN (128k) 31.57 seconds

T1 (1.44 MB) 15.47 seconds



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Web Page Speed Report


URL: http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/


Date: Report run on Thu May 13 08:28:32 EDT 2004



Global Statistics

Total HTTP Requests: 27

Total Size: 268773 bytes


Object Size Totals

Object type Size (bytes)

HTML: 31985

Images: 230897

java script: 0

CSS: 5891

Multimedia: 0

Other: 0


External Objects

External Object QTY

Total Images: 25

Total CSS imports: 1


Download Times*

Connection Rate Download Time

14.4K 213.71 seconds

28.8K 109.56 seconds

33.6K 94.68 seconds

56K 58.97 seconds

ISDN 128K 21.80 seconds

T1 1.44Mbps 6.82 seconds


*Note that these download times are based on the full connection rate for ISDN and T1 connections. Modem connections (56Kbps or less) are corrected by a packet loss factor of 0.7. All download times include delays due to round-trip latency with an average of 0.2 seconds per object. With 27 total objects for this page, that computes to a total lag time due to latency of 5.4 seconds. Note also that this download time calculation does not take into account delays due to XHTML parsing and rendering.


Page Objects


1 32131 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1034a.jpg

1 31985 HTML http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/

2 30519 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1190a.jpg

1 26857 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1171a.jpg

1 24856 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1132a.jpg

1 21924 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1174a.jpg

1 18426 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1123a.jpg

1 18282 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1147a.jpg

1 17793 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1129b.jpg

1 14054 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/1032a.jpg

1 8926 IMG http://www.icdsoft.com/bnrs/icdsoft-120x90.gif

1 6201 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/oscommerce.gif

1 5891 CSS http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/stylesheet.css

1 2877 IMG http://www.paypal.com/en_US/i/icon/verification_seal.gif

1 2593 IMG http://www.boldchat.com/bh.ci/2946224837

1 877 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag...und_default.gif

7 818 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag..._right_left.gif

1 818 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag...orner_right.gif

2 818 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag...corner_left.gif

1 605 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag...er_checkout.gif

1 535 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/header_cart.gif

1 439 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag...der_account.gif

1 195 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/incl...images/icon.gif

1 128 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/incl...images/icon.gif

1 113 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/incl...images/icon.gif

2 69 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/imag...arrow_right.gif

23 43 IMG http://www.blacklightshopantiques.com/images/pixel_trans.gif

27^ 268773* Total (^unique objects)


# This site is not using HTTP compression, otherwise called content encoding using gzip. Consider compressing your textual content (XHTML, JavaScript, etc.) with mod_gzip or similar products.


* CSS alternate stylesheets may be referenced in the HTML but are not actually downloaded until they are needed and are therefore not included in the total page size.


Analysis and Recommendations

TOTAL_OBJECTS - The total number of objects on this page is 27 - consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Combine, refine, and optimize your external objects. Replace graphic rollovers with CSS rollovers to speed display and minimize HTTP requests.

TOTAL_IMAGES - The total number of images on this page is 25, consider reducing this to a more reasonable number. Combine, refine, and optimize your graphics. Replace graphic rollovers with CSS rollovers to speed display and minimize HTTP requests.

TOTAL_CSS - The total number of external CSS files on this page is 1. Because external CSS files must be in the HEAD of your HTML document, they must load first before any BODY content displays. Although they are cached, CSS files slow down the initial display of your page.

TOTAL_SIZE - The total size of this page is 268773 bytes, which will load in 58.97 seconds on a 56Kbps modem. Consider reducing total page size to less than 30K to achieve sub eight second response times on 56K connections. Pages over 100K exceed most attention thresholds at 56Kbps, even with feedback. Consider contacting us about our optimization services.

HTML_SIZE - The total size of this HTML file is 31985 bytes, which is above 20K but below 100K. With a 10K ad and a logo this means that your page will load in over 8.6 seconds. Consider optimizing your HTML and eliminating unnecessary features. To give your users feedback, consider layering your page or using positioning to display useful content within the first two seconds.

IMAGES_SIZE - Warning! The total size of your images is 230897 bytes, which is over 30K. Consider optimizing your images for size, combining them, and replacing graphic rollovers with CSS.

CSS_SIZE - The total size of your external CSS is 5891 bytes, which is above 1160 bytes and less than 8K. For external files, try to keep them less than 1160 bytes to fit within one higher-speed TCP-IP packet (or an approximate multiple thereof). Consider optimizing your CSS and eliminating features to reduce this to a more reasonable size.

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