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The e-commerce.

Home networking (Router etc)


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Hi all


I am setting up a networking at home and I need some technical help.


I like to use a broadband with freeserve (new name now) and they offer a 2GB per month download/upload ( I will only use it for uploading/downloadin my website files/images ) is it enough 2GB per month?


Regarding the networking.


I have never done any, so I don't know much about it.


The modem is supplied by the provider, but I need to buy the router.


WHICH ONE DO I NEED TO BUY? I checked and there are so many, that I don't know where to start.


Any help/advice on these two questions would be apprecited.





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2GB Per Month banwidth???


Depends on how much u gonna upload?


Concerning the router, as you said there are many, depending on ur use you may want to look for one, I mostly use netgear and linksys..


Its easy to set it up, just plug the connection to the router go through some easy steps, and then ur set..




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I have a D-link


The routers are very easy to set up... just follow the supplied instructions.... takes me all of about 5 minets to set it up on a computer with windows 2000 or XP.


2 gia bites is alot of information..... I myself, have unlimited access, so I don't have to worry about these things.. :rolleyes:



Herr Gray :blink:

PHP5, Javascript, MySQL and now Flash????????....... Ohhhhhh..... I think I have a head ache.....

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Salvo, for a basic home user you can pretty much use anything on the rack at Best Buy or your local computer store.


If you are new to networking (port forwarding, DMZ hosts, persistant connections, etc) then I would suggest you get one that has a web based control panel option. Its much easier to learn about all the settings in a visual format than with telnet or terminal based text control panels that cheaper routers come with.

My advice comes in two flavors- Pick the one that won't offend you.


Hard and Cynical: How to Make a Horrible osCommerce Site


Warm and Fuzzy: How to Make an Awesome osCommerce Site

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Thanks for the repliers.


I now understand a little bit more?.


Yesterday I went to buy 1 router, Desktop Adapter a cabling and I found out a little bit more and didn?t buy anything yet? (I haven?t bought anything yet)


I have a US Robotics modem at moment and I was told that I can?t use it with the Ethernet router.


Because I will have a broadband with freeserve/wanadoo (UK internet provider) they will provide a USB MODEM I can?t use it Ethernet router.


(I think) it means that I will have to buy a modem with a Ethernet Connection and a router or a router which has a modem inside? WHICH is better?


My question is: why can?t I use my US Robotics modem with the router? Or why can?t I use the USB connection modem provided by the provider?


MUST I buy a router with modem inside?


Thanks for advice



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Routers don't use USB connections at all, only ethernet.


Here is all you need:


Ethernet Capable Modem


Any brand router


1 ethernet cable to go from modem to router, plus a cable for each computer you have for the network


They are easy to set up. Mine is plug and play. It's a Netgear MR814 Wireless Router.


Just shut down all your computers, unplug the modem (from the power outlet). Connect all the computers to your router, and the router to the modem. Plug the router in (to the power outlet), then the modem (to the power outlet), then restart all your computers. They should pick up the router automatically with Windows XP, ME & 2000. Not sure about other Operating Systems.



About the 2 GB transfer per month: I use almost 3 gigs every month and my 4 websites get almost no traffic but I also use it for images on ebay.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks for input!!


Here what I have done so far..


Broadband with (Freeserve now new name)


They gave me a moden and I will be connected with one PC only with that modem..


Then, because the modem is USB and the Routers uses Ethernet, "not compatible", I was told I need a Routers that does as modem too.


I am told to buy netgear DG834 that act as: ADSL MODEM, ROUTER , FOUR-PORT 10/100 (In have two pc) etc...


Using The DG384, I will not require the modem given by the Broadband supplier!!


Now I Understand a Bit more.. I will post the results of my adventure in networking when done..



Thank for input



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