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Price based on Country


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Hi All


I would apreciate any help or advice you would have on the following problem.


I want to display one price to customers based in Ireland and then another price to customers around the world. When a customer logs in from Ireland they will see the price for Ireland and when a customer logins in for any other part of the world they will see the default world price.


Is there a contribution available I have searched them all and also this forum for the last few days and still have found nothing to help me.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi Peterr


Thanks for your reply.


No what my client is looking for is they have a product and they sell it in ireland, however they have a set price for it here in ireland which is different from the price throughout the rest of the world.


What we require is that when a customer logs into their account if they are from Ireland they will see the set price for Ireland, however if they login and they are from say the UK, USA etc... they will see the global price.


I hope this explains it a little better, again thanks.

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You will need to consider people who don't login, in fact most people browse, wanting to see product prices. So, you may need to set the "global price" to cater for UK, USA,etc visitors, but (somehow) mention there is a special discount or special price if people live in Ireland.


If Irish people only see the 'discount' after they login, they may miss the chance of getting the better price. Hmmm, ... you could actually check their IP address and use the IP-->country database (free and easy to access, quite fast to use on your site), and then if you know the 'visistor' is from Ireland, "adjust" the prices to show the lower rate ??


Just some 'wild' thoughts. :D



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Hi Peterr


Thank you for your help


Could you advise on the best method of implementing this type of solution? I would again apreciate any advice you have.

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