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The e-commerce.

How about the Paypal credit card?


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Hi, there!

I want to know something about Paypal.

How about the Paypal credit card?

What the excellence and demerit of Paypal credit card?

Anyone can help me? Thank you! :huh:

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I'll take a ride on the question. I want to know about it also.


I understood that when buying, the buyer is redirected to a page in paypals server to complete the operation.

Is that right?

Can this be done in a way all the operation happens from inside the OSC store?


And, do buyers need to register twice (one in the store and one with paypal), or the user information is shared between the store and paypal?



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Buyers need not register in paypal. I don't think the user info would be shared between store and paypal. All user info is registed in store.

I don't know what the paypal really do?(the notification to store master?)

You can start to get some help at this page:


and you can download some document(PaypalmechantManual.pdf, payPal_API_Reference_Guid.pdf, PayPal_API_Sandbox_Guide.pdf, inp.pdf, merchantOverview_interactive.pdf, single_item.pdf, etc.)

Thank you !

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We use PayPal's account not credit card.

Sorry, our store have not been built yet. We are gathering and understanding all kind of providers like PayPal, and want to build a store fit for us.

(if you want to know something of us, you can go this page:http://www.kuaitech.com.

Our store is related with robot . I think it will be build not long ago.)

Thank you!

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