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products not showing up in catalog


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Does anyone have any ideas as to why my products won't show up when you click on any of them through the catergories infobox, it work through the new products info box but not when you click through to them through the catergories info box.


Also haveing problems with my SSL, keeps asking if I want to dispaly both the secure and non secure items on the page, any one point any advice or a link to a go thread on this one?


Any advice appreciated, i really want to go live today?






To see what I mean visit my site @: Sun Custom Leathers

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Firstly, you have a syntax error in your link. it says www,xxx instead of www.xxx.


If you do a mouse-over the product pics you will see that they have the correct path to product_info.php, but a mouse-over the categories reveals that the path is to index.php.


I've made some mods to my pages and the same problem arose. To make matters worse, it's not an easy problem for me to resolve and I'll explain why:


I modified the search infobox and in doing so the problem developed. I hunted everywhere for the error but couldn't find it. It's not really an error, it's just that the code isn't being predictable. It still works but not with the desired results.


When I finally gave up, I replaced the file with a brand new copy of the same file from the zipped archive. Despite being completely untouched by hand, the new file didn't resolve the problem. It gets worse:


Just today I got a php error stating there was an unexpected "/" in manufacturers.php. Fair enough, I did induce that error so I just went back and removed the offending "/". I then saved the file, loaded OSC and did a refresh, but the error persisted. I did the same thing, I replaced the file with a brand new copy but the error was still there. In desperation I deleted manufacturers.php, reloaded OSC and did a refresh. You guessed! I still got the same php error even though the file didn't exist.


I could write abook on the gremlins lurking inside my OSC, but I thought they were only on my machine. Here are a few:


- Transparent gifs showing up as mini tables with borders.

- Some transparent gifs have large areas of white space around them.

- The problems outlined above.



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