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Cannot get the table based shipping to work


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Ohhhhhhhhhh dammit, what happened to my post? Ugh, it was a long one too.


Ok let me try this again. I am currently using the standard table rate based on price - but it's not working out for me and I want to base it on weight. I changed all the weights in my store to suitable amounts by gram (for instead 250, which oscommerce changed to 250.00) I went to the table module and changed it to weight based shipping and put in the following values:






It didn't work. For 100 grams of items (10 x 10grams) it charged me $7.50, I have NO IDEA where it got this figure from!!


Does anyone know the exact configuration and format required to get table based shipping by weight working?

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Right - I've seen this question asked more than once and NO ONE has ever gotten an answer to it! This shipping module comes standard in oscommerce - SOMEONE out there MUST know how weight based shipping in the table rate works?

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I had the same problem. What I did to fix it was go to


configuration > Shipping/Packaging > Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship and enter a ridiculous high weight amount. I put 1000000.


See if that works.

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I ship by grams as well.


I set my maximum shipping weight to 5000 (the equivalent of 5kg), and my prices, in grams, as follows:




When an order is over 5000 grams, the table method will split the shipment into multiple boxes of equal weight and output a price based on the number of boxes x per-box package weight.


Works for me...





Terry Kluytmans


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