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Admin and Security


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Hi all,


I'm just trying to figure all of this out for a new install and there are a few things that I cant really figure out.


Firstly, how do I setup the secure aspect of the site? I mean ... I have a domain name registered and I have a simple HTML page hosted, but who do I have to contact to organize the secure side of things, and what should I be asking them to actually do? Or do I do it?


Secondly ... the admin tool. What is the situation with this tool and security. If I see an osCommerce site out there, why cant I just cast around until I find the directory name they are using to store the tool and then just go in and mess with the settings? Change the prices down on things I want ... that kind of thing?


What steps can be taken on a remote host to secure this?


Sorry if these are basic questions ... I have been searching around on here but I cant really find a solid answer on these topics.



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I don't know the answer to your security question, but I do know that you need to password protect your admin folder...that's how you keep others from getting into it...

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Like the man above said... contact your host and ask him to put /catalog/admin/ dir under the password. After it's done, the next time you access your ftp, in admin dir you'll find .htaccess file. Don't delete it.

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