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How to have 'No log-in' required?


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Cool, I'm having some trouble with the instructions:


You need to open some files and add some lines also, follow the instructions below and you should be ready in no time.





OPEN AND MAKE CHANGES IN THIS FILE: /catalog/includes/filenames.php



//Begin Checkout Without Account Modifications

define('FILENAME_PWA_PWA_LOGIN', 'login_pwa.php');

define('FILENAME_PWA_ACC_LOGIN', 'login_acc.php');

define('FILENAME_CHECKOUT', 'Order_Info.php');

//End Checkout Without Account Modifications





It doesn't tell me where or when to add.. there are 3 other pagesat I need to edit, but I'm not quite sure where they go. Do I just paste it to the bottom?

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For define calls like this, anywhere before the closing ?> is fine.


If you need further help, find the appropriate thread in the Contribution Support forum section.

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