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product attributes


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Hope someone can help me with this one.

I have seen some postings on adding more specification fields per product.

I would like to take this a little further and I hope this has come up with someone before.

I want to be able to add product attributes that go across the different categories and also I want customers to be able to search using these attributes, the result being a list of products from different manufaturers and from different categories. I'll try explaining what I mean with an example dealing with different kinds of hobbies:

- category "brushes"

product "long brush"

product "short brush"

- category "adhesives"

product "tape"

product "glue"

In this case I would like to define the attribute "Hobby" which e.g. could have the values "painting" and "woodwork". The attribute "painting"would be applied to the products "long brush" and "short brush".

In the catalog I would like to add a drop-down list called Hobby where the customer can chose between "painting" and "woodwork". Selecting "painting" would result in showing the 2 bruses.

This is only an example but I hope it brings across my question.

Does anyone have an idea on how to apply these kind of things?


Thanks in advance for your time and help.



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